Friday, June 15, 2012

from a pro: "my new favorite camera"

For today, a link to a mini-photo-essay:
"My New Favorite Camera" by Hopper Stone.

In it you can see and read why this professional photographer enjoys NOT using his 'real' cameras and why he likes editing with snapseed...

(Here's an example of his 'snapseeded' work.)

In his words, here are the 'pros of snapseed:'

1)  Non-destructive editing. You can make as many versions of a photo as you’d like and your original is always intact.

2)  Lots of the great Nik features we know and love: Structure, sharpening, Viveza-like adjustments or Color Efex Pro-like adjustments, Great Black and White conversion, control points (Yes, control points).

3)  Just as Nik introduced us to the concept of Structure, they’ve got a new one called Ambience (under “Tune Image”). Just as with structure, it’s really hard to describe, but it’s truly groundbreaking and will more than likely enter the general photography vocabulary very soon.

4)  Snapseed is perfect for both normal adjustment of your photos to just make them look nicer and for making vintage postcards, washed out color effects, textures…fun stuff.

5)  It’s stable. Rock solid stable. Plays nice with your OS. Doesn’t crash.

6)  All the fun of instagram/hipstamatic but with your input and creative vision…not the code monkey who wrote the app.

7)  5 bucks from the Apple app store.

And here's a link to the photographer's website.

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