Friday, May 4, 2012

Inca vs. Spaniard: "macro"-snapseeded chess set

Years ago, I got this while traveling in Latin America--
a Peruvian Inca vs. Spaniard chess-set:
Recently, I thought I'd play around with the almost-macro possibility of the iPhone camera, and this chess set seemed to lend itself to close-ups. For inexpensive folk-art, I like the detail of these little ceramic gamepieces.

While there are special clip-on macro-lenses available for the iPhone, (such as from, I don't have any such 'adaptor;' just using the iPhone itself, you can get remarkably close and still stay in focus:
above: using the tilt-shift filter and then the grunge filter...
below: using the tilt-shift and grunge filters again, but changing the texture
and texture-strength:

below--drama and tilt-shift filters:

...and finally,a heavy blur with the tilt-shift filter, to focus on the faces of the Inca Queen and  King; I don't know if the facial consternation was intended by whomever hand-painted these little pieces, but it seems historically appropriate:

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