Saturday, May 5, 2012

featured: architecture in Los Angeles...and saguaro blooms

This week, a snapseeded photo ('transplanted') featured on the homepage:   

(always a thrill to be published!)
--and here's the highlight:

I took the photo a few years ago, pre-iPhone,
and then the other evening, going back through some things,
I thought this scene would benefit from just a bit of tweaking--
just a little of bit of vignette to soften the edges
and pull the eyes even more toward the sky in the middle...
So--a 'transplanted' snapseed,
taken with a Canon, then edited with snapseed...


This morning, after I finished my Sabino Canyon run,
I grabbed my iPhone out of the car
and went back to take a few photos--
this year, a few weeks earlier than usual,
the saguaros are already blooming:

The cacti can be decades old before they start blooming,
and each hand-sized bloom stays 'fresh' for only a day;
bats and doves love to pollinate them...
The blooms are often hard to photograph since they're usually on the arm-tops,
but occasionally, you get a low-reaching limb:


(tilt-shift and center-focus filters used on all of the saguaro photos above)

Saguaros aren't the only cacti blooming;
cholla flowers are coming out too...
(no filters used here--just cropped)

Summer's almost here...and the thermometer is climbing...

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