Sunday, March 25, 2012

first and recent; too much and then none

No postings last week--getting food-poisoning while on an out-of-town trip--not fun.
Back home now.

I was going through my iPhone's camera roll, and thought I would post one of the very first photos that I 'snapseeded' back in December:
...kinda went crazy with the tilt-shift filter.
It was my 'flavor-of-the-month' I suppose, and I wasn't as judicious.
Still, it's a fun way to focus on a person, 
with shapes rather than details of architecture in the background.
Also, the flat rainy sky--boring--so, saturation and blur
focus on the person, while still allowing the atmosphere of the place
to color the scene--
definitely a snapshot of a memory
rather than architectural documentation...

Here's the original photo, taken last summer:
It's a downtown scene in central Seoul, showing some of the skyscrapers in the background of the Deoksugung Palace. Originally built as a prince's villa in the late 1400's, this complex became the final residence of the last king of the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910). It's one of the best spots in the city to photograph the juxtaposition of old/new, east/west, ancient/modern...

And with anything historical, the temptation to 'go sepia' is great:
Snapseed doesn't have a dedicated 'sepia' filter,
but using the black-&-white filter,
and then using the 'white balance' function
within the 'tune image' filter,
you can get the same effect.

So, two different snapseeded versions of the same photo.

Now--a recent photo, close to home:--from the quirky mile-high mining town of Bisbee, in the Mule Mountains near the Mexican border in Cochise County, AZ:
225 Tombstone Canyon Rd.
Someone likes RED, eh? 
A façade of found objects...

No tilt-shift here--just some cropping and then warming up the color temperature a bit:
Gotta love the etch-a-sketch interspersed with the firemen's caps...

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