Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pacific NW--city and mountain scenes

Got back five days ago from a visit to Seattle; also spent some time hiking in the Cascades...Here are some snapseeded iPhone shots of city and mountain:

--breakfast scene at The Crumpet Shop
 --iconic Pike Place Market scene:
 --summer in the Pacific NW means cherries:
--eat breakfast under a boat, Portage Bay Café:

--kayaking in Portage Bay, dodging boat draft, darting under bridges, being a polite voyeur around houseboats:

--Phnom Penh, my favorite Cambodian restaurant in the Chinatown/International District:
(above and below, using the "PicFrame" app)

--are those hashtags on this totemic headpiece in front of the Burke Museum?
out of the city...

--hiking the trail along Elliott Creek up to Goat Lake in the Central Cascades:

--Cadet Peak, reflected in Goat Lake:
Below, the 'before-shot' really shows what the snapseed app can do in order to mimic correcting the exposure in an iPhone shot:

--three iPhone photos stitched together (using the AutoStitch app) for a panorama of Goat Lake:
 --playing with the reflection in the clear lake, when the breeze died down, for an almost-mirror-like scene:

--Big Four Mountain and the Stillaguamish River:
Another 'before'-scene--this showing Mt. Stuart from the trail up to Lake Colchuck:
Too dark.
Below--'extreme' snapseeding of the same scene: 

--back to less extreme editing,
Aasgard Pass above Lake Colchuck:
--facing Dragontail Peak above the glaciallly-colored lake:
Flying from Arizona to Washington, your plane is most likely going to go over the Grand Canyon;
get a window seat if at all possible;
even from thirty-some-thousand feet above,
the chasms seem endless:

...and finally, back to Tucson. Driving around town earlier today, this house caught my eye--so, adobe doesn't have to be earth-toned:

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