Thursday, April 18, 2013

in this morning's paper: a(nother) Sabino Canyon scene

And here are a few more that were taken on that November morning,
as I ran with my iPhone on a wrist-strap...

iPhone + snapseed = perfect for a running-photographer 

I had my phone with me again in the canyon this past Sunday morning--so, a few springtime scenes:

Thistle in bloom; busy, happy bugs...

And the usually elusive Gila-monster:
--only the second one I've seen in the wild in the six years I've lived in AZ;
truly a treat to see...

And there's still plenty of water flowing in the creek;
some nice reflecting pools, such as this one
beneath Thimble Peak:
I keep returning to this particular texture 
using one of snapseed's 'grunge' filters;
I love way it evokes
parchment, vellum, and heavy hand-made paper...

A couple more 'ways of seeing' the landscape's reflection:
(used PicFrame and lo-mob for this mirror-strip)

One of my favorite running-words is fartlek.
Snicker if you must; it's Swedish and you can read here for a definition.

Anyway--running with my iPhone is "foto-fartlekking" in my book, and it helps keep me sane as I continue to spend my work-week-days with teenagers...

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