Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013, day one: deer and snowcapped mountains

The first of the year dawned bright and cold here in southern Arizona. With yesterday's clouds lifting overnight, we woke up to freshly snowcapped Santa Catalina Mountains on the horizon; a perfect winter morning in the desert...a perfect day for my wife and I to take a hike. 

We weren't on the trail for five minutes yet, when:
...and then the deer practically pranced across our trail: 
...stopped to pick a fruit from a barrel cactus: 
 ...a bit of chewing:

...and finally, off to graze elsewhere:

A perfect winter day:
snowcapped Thimble Peak
above the cottonwoods in Sabino Canyon,
still hanging on to the last of last autumn's color:

Hiking boots, a bottle of water, some sunscreen...and the iPhone--all you need...

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