Friday, December 14, 2012

Slot Canyon landscapes, 'surrealized' with PicFrame

KaleidaCam is a great app for 'kaleidoscoping' photos, but for maximum control when playing with radial symmetry, PicFrame is more 'fine-tune-able.'

Thinking back to a couple of summers ago, when my wife and I spent some time in northern Arizona, I thought that some of the photos I took in Antelope Canyon--an already naturally surreal landscape--would be fun to manipulate into impossibly surreal landscapes using PicFrame...

First, a couple of examples showing the original landscape-shot and the radial-symmetry-'surrealization' side-by-side:

(These are all 'transplanted' snapseeded shots--
I took them with my Canon, but e-mailed the photos to 
my iPhone so I could edit them with snapseed and PicFrame--
so, not strictly 'iphoneography.')

The desert magic of erosion and symmetry:

For this last one--
the original, then with PicFrame, 
and then the cartoonish serendipity of the KaleidaCam app:


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