Sunday, October 28, 2012

San Diego...and Autumn on top of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Aquarium, beach, mountaintop;
a few snapseeded scenes from the past couple of weeks...

Some of the underwater faces at the Birch Aquarium in San Diego:
Placing your iPhone right up against aquarium glass and then fixing a focus-zone with your finger,
then waiting for something to swim into view--some fun shots...
In this PicFrame, clockwise from top left:
weedy seadragon, moray eel, a shrimp, and then--can't resist, must say--"found Nemo"

Using AutoStitch, a panorama--watching surfers from Crystal Pier:

...dozens and dozens, calmly waiting...meditative...

Closer to home--up in the Santa Catalina Mountains, just north of Tucson. Drive up high enough this time of year and the scene is more like something you'd imagine in New England--a deciduous forest with autumn foliage at the top of this 'sky island' in the desert...Above 8000 feet there are a few little valleys that come alive with fall color, an unexpected change from the cactus-studded lower slopes:

Driving back down at sunset, about halfway down,
looking out over Thimble Peak and the Tucson mountains beyond...

The other day, after work, decided to go for a trail-run into Bear Canyon,
at the base of the mountains--such a contrast from the evergreen-and-deciduous forest at the top:

About a half-mile in, there's a natural arch up the eastern wall:

Overlooking the entrance of the canyon:

Below, some fun with black-and-white, then warming up the temperature, 
and then playing with the grunge filter:
 And, from just a few hours ago, tonight--moonrise over the Santa Catalinas:

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