Monday, September 17, 2012

Google just acquired NIK software...and a couple of ColorSplash reflections

Google has just acquired Snapseed. Read more here Snapseed is to Google as Instagram is to Facebook, it seems...
Interesting to see where this is all going...

A couple of mountain-reflection scenes to post tonight.
I was going through some photos from this past summer on my iPhone; 
thought this scene of Goat Lake in the Central Cascades
would be fun to edit with the ColorSplash app in addition to snapseed:

Below, this is a 'transplanted' scene--taken several years ago at Upper Tipsoo Lake near Mt. Rainier...I e-mailed it to my iPhone in order to play with it using snapseed and ColorSplash as well:

Reflections can be as compelling as what they a dream can seem more real than the awakening...

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